How to recognize psychological harassment.

Psychological harassment can occur between people with different statuses or between colleagues. These may be behaviors that, taken in isolation, may seem trivial, but become very devastating by their repetition. Here’s how harassment can happen:

  • Isolate a person (do not speak to him or ignore him)
  • Prevent a person from expressing himself / herself (interrupting him / her constantly, forbidding him / her to speak to others)
  • Deceive a person (spread rumors about him, humiliate him)
  • Assault, threaten someone (screaming after her, shoving her, damaging her property)
  • Discredit a person (no longer give him tasks to do, simulate professional misconduct)
  • Emit racist and discriminatory comments and offensive jokes to a person
  • Make sexual contact on someone against their will (kissing, hugging)
  • Insistently ask a person to go out with despite his refusal

Be vigilant. Evaluate the level of risk within your company to prevent psychological harassment at work.