Want to prevent workplace harassment
  • Make sure your employees respect each other at work;
  • Establish an open communication between your employees and yourself;
  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each individual;
  • Distribute the workload fairly;
  • Define clear expectations to avoid any misunderstandings;
  • Encourage the collaboration of all team members;
  • Make sure the people hired have the necessary skills to do the job.
Conflict has erupted between two team members
  • Intervene immediately;
  • In order to understand the problem, meet with the employees individually. Be careful not to take sides.
  • Finally, if a three-way meeting is needed to resolve the conflict, well done, but remember that the outcome of this voluntary approach will depend on the willingness of your employees to resolve their dispute;
  • A three-way meeting should ensure the following:
  • Invite the employees in a room away from the rest of the team members
  • Have a written summary of the comments you heard during your individual meetings;
  • In writing, indicate your objectives and the rules to be respected by the participants.
  • If necessary, seek an HR advisor to better prepare you if the situation is conducive to a three-way meeting.
Finding it difficult making your way within the Management Committee

You have just been appointed Chief HR Officer and have difficulty finding your place on the Management Committee as your colleagues do not seem to understand your role as a business partner

  • Make sure you understand the company which you work for;
  • Show them that you are trustworthy and able to thoroughly manage all HR operations
  • Your recommendations must be accurate;
  • You must demonstrate your ability to attract, hire and develop talent in order to generate reliable and efficient staff.
  • Illustrate how good human resource practices can strengthen an organization.
  • Remember that you are also a change agent and that you are there to help your organization cope with the new challenges it faces.
You want to resolve a conflict with a co-worker
  • First, maintain your composure, anger does not bring about any solution;
  • The first step is to talk about it as soon as possiblePrepare what you will say to your colleague beforehand. State facts and avoid gossip and personal attacks.
  • Identify the causes and explain the problem in the first-person, with the use of "I";
  • Listen attentively to your colleague's point of view without interruption;
  • Find out what you agree and disagree upon;
  • Look for solutions by clearly explaining what you want in a positive way;
  • Choose a solution and remember to remain open to a compromise.
  • If the problem persists, do not hesitate to speak with your immediate supervisor to help resolve the conflict.
How to be well prepared for a job interview
  • Make sure you know the contents of your CV, it's a must;
  • Check out your employer’s website to familiarize yourself with the company;
  • Carefully reread the job offer description;
  • Prepare the necessary documents that may be asked of you during the interview (CV, references, sales figures, etc.);
  • Find ways that are specific to you so that you can sustain a calm, dynamic, respectful and courteous attitude throughout the interview (take a few seconds before answering, breathe, smile, etc.);
  • Find out how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.
  • Find relevant examples of your past experiences for the position you seek and your relationships with colleagues or managers. Figure out how to explain the solutions you applied and their outcome;
  • Adhere to a conservative dress code/ dress for success;
  • Anticipate the transportation time. Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.
  • Close the job interview in the right manner.

Remember that during your interview it is essential to pay particular attention to your posture which is reflected in how you carry yourself. For instance, leaning on the table or crashing comfortably onto a chair is unfitting.